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Thursday, March 05, 2009

The "Obama-Conned"

During the election, there were a lot of conservative pundits, especially of the big-think types who write for newspapers and magazines in New York and Washington, who decided to plump for Obama. Basically, their arguments were that he was "smart", was surrounding himself with smart people, and he wasn't a wild-eyed radical, despite his associations with Hyde Park 1960s lefties, his history as a "community organizer", and clear radical sympathies as expressed in his books.

I also was hopeful immediately after the election, even though I didn't go so far as to actually vote for him. I figured events would constrain him to find his inner Calvin Coolidge, as they did to Bill Clinton in his first term. But instead of the smart, reasonable guy we were hoping for, we're seeing the Hyde Park "community organizer" radical, channeling his inner Hugo Chavez.

These pundits are now withdrawing their support, and the ranks of the Obama-Conned are growing by leaps and bounds.

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