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Friday, May 09, 2008

Weight loss update...

I just passed Magic Number 2 in my weight loss efforts. Things are rather bumpy, and weight loss appears to be a sort of "step function", but my homemade plan of increased exercise, less carbs, and no junk food appears to be working well.

My plan is as follows:

Lots of exercise; 3 90 minute sessions on my cross-trainer per week, and two walks of at least 5 miles per week. Usually, these are just walks around the neighborhood, but we often do big "bonus" walks or hikes where we go somewhere far...

Eat less junk; my only snacks now are sliced carrots (with no dip). These fill the stomach but aren't otherwise terribly interesting. This is the main "will power test" part of the plan.

Reserve good and interesting food for occasions. I love ice-cream, so we now have an ice-cream night once every two weeks. And we only have really good ice cream. Same with beer (which has a lot of calories and carbs): only a bit of good beer a couple times per week.

Otherwise, we eat a basically homemade Asian diet; we've cut down on the rice and noodles and increased the meat and veggies.

Other things; we take our lunches to work and eat fast food extremely rarely. We do go out to restaurants, but try to be more careful than we used to be.

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