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Friday, June 13, 2008

More weight loss info...

My blog is in serious danger of turning into a "health" blog, but anyway...

I just lost my 50th pound and crossed Major Milestone #2. I had to increase the intensity of my workout to keep the calorie burn the same. My elliptical reports the calories burned, and they were going down as I lost weight even though the time and resistance was the same. I upped the resistance and increased the time a bit to get back to the calorie goal.

A crazy idea of mine is based on reading that many people lose weight to a point and hit a stubborn resistance point. I wonder if it isn't due to their workout burning less calories than it was due to their own weight loss; the math behind weight loss is quite unforgiving and once you hit an equilibrium point where calories burned equals calories eaten, you'll quit losing weight. This is why I'm trying to keep the calorie burn up.

I'm only using the calorie goal as a measurement on the elliptical. It's only interesting for the changes over time.

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