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Friday, January 18, 2008

Losing weight...

Yesterday, I hit Magic Number #1 on my attempt to lose a bunch of weight. Unfortunately, programming for a living isn't exactly something that works up a physical sweat, so I've accumulated rather too many pounds over the years.

Fortunately, I'm still quite healthy due to exercising on our crosstrainer machine, walking, and backpacking trips, but I'm still well above where I should be. I don't put much stock in silly BMI numbers, but I still want to "get down" by a fairly significant amount.

Anyway, Magic Number #1 is about 25 pounds less than my "zenith weight". Magic Number #2 is about 15 pounds more. Ultimately, my target weight is about 30 pounds less than Magic Number #2.

My big changes:

1. Eating less rice. My wife is Chinese, and we eat a basically (home-made) Chinese diet, with lots of rice and noodles. We've done what amounts to a "mini-Atkins" by upping the green veggies and downsizing the rice and noodles in our meals. We eat half the rice we used to eat. My wife now uses various stringy veggies like bean sprouts as a partial substitute for noodles in soups.

2. Less snacking. I used to always have a bag of corn chips handy. It's now gone.

3. A bit more exercise. For my three times per week on the cross-trainer, I've upped the workout from 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes (+ 10 minutes cooldown). (We also walk file miles twice per week)

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