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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Maui Day VI: Kapalua Beach

This was our last full day in Maui, so we did some research to see what the best beach would be. Since we wanted to do more snorkeling, we decided on Kapalua Beach. This is a very nice beach for snorkeling or swimming, since it is in a crescent-shaped bay with plenty of coral. My wife did her first serious snorkeling here: it was gentle enough for her to float above the fish happily and watch them do their various fishy activities. There were lots of wonderful fish here, of all sorts of colors and shapes, and one need not have fancy equipment to see them "up close and personal".

Kapalua Beach itself is a bit tricky to find, with its parking lot hidden amongst various timeshares and golf courses, but it's worth a few circles.

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