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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Using frequent flyer miles to go to Hawaii

We're about to go to Hawaii, and my wife carefully researched our tickets so we could use our frequent flyer miles to get there. She found that we couldn't get flights to Honolulu, but Kona and Maui had lots of choices. We decided to fly out of Kona since we are going to the Big Island and Maui this time (we went to Oahu last time). Also, she was able to use a promotion, so we got the tickets for SF to Kona for 35K miles versus the typical 70K. This saved us a cool two grand for the two round-trip tickets, and we also have nearly enough miles for another trip! Since we're going on our in-law trip to China next Spring, we'll run up some more miles and we'll have enough for another Hawaii trip if they run this promotion again...

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