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Friday, March 09, 2007

Servin' up subpoenas...

Today Biz Broker Wife and I went to serve a subpoena on a guy who stiffed her out of her fee. He already lost the lawsuit, but disappeared into the void, only to be found by the brokerage's lawyer. Since my wife is the only person to have seen this guy - he didn't bother to show up in court - she had to ID him for the server. Figuring this may be a bit dangerous, I went too.

The lawyer had hired a private investigator who tracked the guy down; he was working in his relative's restaurant; his brother is actually running the restaurant he bought.
We met the process server near the restaurant, walked in, and found him working in the kitchen, which was open to the front of the restaurant. He accepted the papers, and then one of the other cooks ran out and chased down our server, and tried to return the subpoena. The server walked back in and handed it to them again, and said the "service" is now complete; he handed the paper to the guy and had witnesses (us).

I'm not entirely clear as to what the subpoena is for, but it had to be done quickly. It's done now, and this stuff is part of the reason why my wife's job generates far more interesting table talk and blog entries than my programming work :)

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