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Monday, February 26, 2007

The oscars: more barf...

I watched the Oscars - well, popped in occasionally while my wife watched as I was busy debugging - and endured Al Gore's attempts at jokes, and global warming, all the time. I suspect their ratings will be even lower this year than last.

Now, I own a rather vast DVD collection, but there's pretty much no movies in the Oscar list that I've cared about since The Lord of the Rings series finished its run. The only Oscar-nominated movie I saw in a theater was Cars, which didn't win in Best Animation.

My advice to Hollywood: quit making "important" movies and concentrate on making "good" ones. Leave the Gulfstream squishy-left politics at home, and make movies that specialize in people doing interesting things, and you may get me to get off my duff and go to a theater. Hit me over the head with anti-American leftoid politics, or celebrations of Communist murderers, and I won't even watch it when the movie comes up in free movies-on-demand. Explorations of the awfulness of war can work, but if the message is "we should all love each other and make policy based on John Lennon quotes", I'll pass.

Oh, and real people watch movies. Art-house snobs watch "films".

And here's one movie I'll watch...

as a rule, i detest oscar winning movies.

although i did see blood diamond & liked it. (didn't it win something?)

the average movie I like is rated a C+ on yahoo movies!
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