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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Car insurance requote

We just redid our car insurance, dropping our older car to "liability only", and getting our insurance agent to otherwise knock a hundred bux off of the quote for insurance renewal. These two actions saved us about $250 for six months.

This was an interesting exercise, and it appears that insurance companies do the same "trick" that magazines and other "subscriber-oriented" businesses: have low "teaser" rates for new customers, probably subsidized by higher "sucker" rates for ongoing customers. You can get a discount off the "sucker" rate by making a fuss, but otherwise, it'll go up silently.

So you're looking at a car in the dealer's lot and a slick, grinning salesperson comes up to

and instantly becomes your best friend. But look out...hidden inside that smiling row of pearly whites is a row of razor-sharp teeth that will rip you--and your bank account--to shreds before you can blink an eye.

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