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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Useful Chinese unpowered "crock pot"

On our last trip to China, we bought what could best be described as an oversized thermos bottle, which is the size and shape of a Crock Pot. But unlike a Crock Pot, it isn't powered.

It has two main parts: the external thermos part, and an inner pot that holds the item you're interested in cooking. The idea is you take the inner pot out, put in the ingredients, heat the whole bunch on the stove, put the inner pot back in the thermos, and let it cook in its own heat. Since it can hold heat for many hours, it probably saves electricity and is more versatile than a crock pot; you can pre-make soup or other slow-cooked recipes to take on picnics or road trips.

I have no clue what this gadget is called in English - the only English on the device itself is "Cook Pot" - but it is highly useful.

Zojirushi refers to this as a "Thermal Cooking Pot".

Thanks. It felt odd knowing something's name in Chinese but not in English...
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