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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pronounciation of "Oregon"

Every so often, I hear someone pronounce "Oregon" "o-re-GON", with the stress on the last syllable, like "Polygon". This is always rather jarring, since I've never heard someone from the state pronounce it that way. My grandmother lives in Grants Pass and pronounces it "OR-eg-en", as does pretty much everyone else I've met in the state.

So, if any Oregonians are reading the site, what is the official pronounciation of "Oregon"?

There is a song called Oregon, in which the lyrics are:

ORE-a-GONE is bad,
stop it if you can...

The musician was later told in no uncertain terms that he was pronouncing the state name wrong, and it is in fact something like OR'gn.
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