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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Credit Union Plug

Since my mom was virtually a founding employee of the Star One Credit Union, I have to give them a plug every so often. So, if you live in the South Bay, you should check them out.

Anyway, their info:

o The savings account rate is 3.815% - not quite the highest in the universe, but darn good for a place with live, human tellers.
o You can access your money free at any credit union ATM, or any ATM at 7-11 stores.
o They have free checking if you keep a balance of $300 or have $5K in a combination of savings accounts and outstanding loan balances.
o They have two branches in the South Bay: one on the Lockheed campus by Moffett Field, and another in Cupertino. They also have one in Austin, TX.
o They do wire transfers and other fancy banking stuff without any problems; we've had no problems moving moving overseas and getting wires.

They were the old Lockheed Sunnyvale employees' credit union when I worked there, and I still keep them as our "bank". Other credit unions are good as well; I always wonder why people insist on using a Big Bank that charges a zillion fees just so they can have a few more "free" ATMs.

In any case, if you have a credit union nearby, you may want to check it out; here's a locator.

They have a pretty snazzy website for a little CU!
It's actually one of the bigger CUs in the state, with $3B in assets:

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