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Saturday, November 19, 2005

White Flight from Cupertino?

Another interesting WSJ article, sadly behind the WSJ paywall. The general jist of the article:

o A culture of fierce competition in Cupertino schools - the article discusses Monta Vista HS and Linbrook HS (just across the border in San Jose) - driven by highly educated and hard-charging Chinese and Indian families is intimidating some whites out of local schools.
o The article discusses "whiter" Palo Alto, which is nearby and also viciously competitive.
o The article also covers Cupertino kids going to Bellarmine, which is a Catholic HS in San Jose (and where my brother went to HS).
o A point the article makes is that many Asians aren't particularly happy with this as it gives their kids a false read of the world outside Cupertino.

I'm not involved with Cupertino schools, although I feel that at least some of what the article discusses is true.

A key point the article doesn't discuss is that many longer-term white residents are leaving the SF Bay Area - and relatively few are moving in - due to high house prices. Asians seem more tolerant to high house prices - at least, if you look at the public purchase transaction records, you see lots of Chinese and Indian names as buyers and fewer Western European names. Cupertino, due at least in part to its excellent schools, is high-priced even by Bay Area standards: the cheapest single-family house in Cupertino in realtor.com at the moment is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1400 sq. ft, 53 year old house with a carport for $720,000. (Palo Alto is even more expensive.)

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