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Monday, November 28, 2005

The US: more Kyoto than the signers?

While not a signatory to Kyoto, the US has actually done better in CO2 emissions than many green-oriented Kyoto signatories, according to this article. What the article doesn't point out is something I discussed in my first post to this blog: the US's population - and economy - have increased greatly during the 1990-2005 timeframe.

Since I'm skeptical about Kyoto's effectiveness and the notion that human-caused CO2 can be managed in such a way to influence climate change, I'm quite agnostic on these numbers. But it's interesting to compare: the evil US, led by an oilman, is beating such paragons of greenism as Spain and Canada without really trying - and is only slightly worse than New Zealand, for crying out loud.

If this doesn't proclaim the futility of state-mandated CO2 management through the temples of greenism, I don't know what will.

This post on The Brussels Journal discusses Europe's Kyoto adventures.

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